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Aztec Group is looking to inject Channel Island expertise into our growing Luxembourg office!

comment - 01 March 2017

Aztec Group is looking to inject Channel Island expertise into our growing Luxembourg office!

Private equity has been a key asset class for the Aztec Group since its inception in 2001, experiencing impressive organic growth. The Group’s continued focus on enhancing its onshore capabilities, in addition to our confidence in Luxembourg as a jurisdiction, are key reasons behind our search for experienced channel island professionals to make the move.

Luxembourg is one of the world’s prime locations for funds and is a real hub for private equity funds, as well as being an invigorating place to both work and live. If you are a Manager, Senior Manager or Associate Director in the industry, we are offering an exciting opportunity for you to progress your career in Luxembourg with an excellent employment package and prospects.

Director James Vella-Bamber and Associate Director James Pledger have both relocated to Luxembourg from Jersey in the last year to support our senior team as I have. To give you an insight into Luxembourg with the Aztec Group, each of them have answered a selection of questions to give you a flavour of what life is like over here.

If you think you are ready to take your career to the next level, please email or call 01534 749761 for a confidential chat.

James Vella-Bamber

James is a Real Asset and Debt Director in the Aztec Group Luxembourg office. James runs three teams, which consist of around 40 people looking after 15 clients. 

Q - Originally from Malta, you have worked in various parts of the world, including Jersey and Milan – how does Luxembourg compare in terms of work, culture and lifestyle?

Luxembourg is a great place to live and work, the quality of life here is exceptional. There is something for everyone, whether you’re the adventurous type, a foodie or a culture vulture. My wife and I have settled in really well and are so pleased we made the move.

Luxembourg is really thriving and its central location means you are only a stone’s throw from France, Belgium and Germany – in fact lots of people commute in from other countries, as the transport system is fantastic. I really enjoy working with people from all over the world; in our office alone we have 40 different nationalities in our office of 150.

Q - Private Equity is a key focus in Luxembourg, why is that and what developments are taking place in this area?

Aztec Group Luxembourg is in a great place at the moment in terms of new business activity, which is good news for the Group’s ninth year in the jurisdiction. You could call it a ‘Perfect Storm’ in that three lines of the business private equity, real assets and corporate services have been thriving, for this reason, there has been a huge influx of work and we are in need of more people to join the team.

There are more than 140 client relationships, and new generation funds are being specifically set up in Luxembourg due to the quality of our reputation. There has been significant organic growth where clients are setting up vehicles in the jurisdiction. In addition to this, there are a high number of fund managers looking to move into Luxembourg. 

Q - Why is working in Luxembourg a positive step in terms of career progression?

We are growing at an unstoppable rate; last year there were around 85 people in the office, now we have 150, and by the end of the year we expect to be over 200! With the office growing at this pace there is plenty of scope for promotion due to the number of opportunities.

Q – What is the lifestyle like in Luxembourg for people who may have families and wish to settle?

Living here is well suited to families, it has great schools, is safe and there are lots of parks and open spaces. Most of my friends enjoy the fact that they can buy a lovely family-sized house on the outskirts of Luxembourg’s town, with a great garden. Additionally, if you like to ski it’s an easy drive to the mountains; the closest is just three or four hours away and Switzerland not too far away either! 

Socially, there is a large expat community here, so kids grow up with people from around the world and are exposed to a number of languages and cultures. It’s a fantastic quality of life.

James Pledger

Our Head of Accounting, James oversees the Financial Reporting Managers in Luxembourg, as well as supervising one of the administration teams. He is involved in both the ViewPoint and eFront FIA Projects and plays a big role in our recruitment drive as well as facilities. In short, James has a very varied role in Luxembourg!

Q - What was it like moving from Jersey to Luxembourg with the Aztec Group, and why did you decide to make the move?

Honestly, I found the move fairly easy! The offices are so well shaped, consistent and interconnected that you could be sitting in any one of our offices across Europe. I made the move as I saw it as a great opportunity - the Luxembourg office is growing and attracting more and more clients, which naturally produces exciting career prospects, oh, and Alan asked me if I could be interested!

Q – What have you discovered about working in Luxembourg since being there?

The people are very friendly and welcoming! And although helpful, another language like French or German isn’t necessary with most people being bi-lingual; you can get by with English. So don’t let that put you off.

Q – How does your work differ in Luxembourg compared to when you were based in Jersey?

When I was in Jersey, I was predominantly involved in the migration of a very large client from another service provider, which took almost a year of my time. I was then responsible for some of the funds of that client. My role in Luxembourg is much more varied and I am really enjoying it. There is a real buzz around the office as we are in such a period of growth, it all hands to the pump which has in turn created a great team dynamic and culture.  

Q – What is your favourite thing about living in Luxembourg, outside of work?

Being able to drive above 40mph and tearing down the Autobahn. Luxembourg’s location allows you the opportunity to explore new cities and countries easily; we recently headed off to Germany and France over a weekend and we still have lots of places that we would like to visit, like Bruges. 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

We can offer you an excellent employment package and prospects for professional growth, within an enjoyable, friendly and multicultural working environment.

To find out more please email or call 01534 749761 for a confidential chat. We would love to hear from you!

To view all of our current vacancies please click here. 


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