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AztecFest 2019!

It's more than just a party...
Find out what makes our annual festival of training,
team building event and summer party so special.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do! To show our appreciation for the hard work and commitment of each of our employees, every year we dedicate five whole weeks to training, professional development and team building in the lead-up to our renowned annual summer party, AztecFest.

Edward Moore, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, described why the festival is so important:

“Since our inception, we knew bringing our employees together was an opportunity not to be missed. AztecFest for me is the epitome of our culture – quite simply an opportunity to unify our employees, recognise their contribution and celebrate our success together.”

To help explain more about our festival of training and AztecFest, here’s an insight into each aspect of the initiative:


Each year, our dedicated in-house training centre, the Aztec Academy, offers a wide variety of training and development initiatives in the lead up to AztecFest. Across five weeks, over 900 of our people have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop through e-learning, engaging face-to-face courses and inspirational leadership talks, all mixed with a dose of friendly competition between our multi-jurisdictional teams.

This year’s training focused on our people, products and operations; the key pillars of our success. From videos of our leaders explaining the importance of those pillars, to face-to-face courses on some intriguing topics such as mastering micro-habits, there was something for everyone!

“There’s a great energy around our offices in the build-up and we’ve harnessed it with the festival of training to focus on key topics across the business. Our employees really engage with the programme too – it provides so many opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills in a fun and collaborative environment.”

Gary Millns, Associate Director, Training and Development

Team building

Our AztecFest team building day gives our employees an opportunity to strengthen their cross-jurisdictional relationships and work together while competing in various team building activities.

“Teamwork is at the heart of our success. Uniting our employees and investing in team building is really important as it results in improved engagement, collaboration and communication. AztecFest is a really fantastic team building initiative.

Geraldine O’Rourke, Group Head of Corporate Services and Head of our People Committee

The Party

In true Aztec style, our Festival of Training ends in a huge celebration at our annual summer party!

This year, over 750 of our employees came together in Jersey for our biggest AztecFest yet! With employees travelling from Guernsey, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the logistics of a party this size is no mean feat, but there couldn’t be a better reward to say thank you to our employees for all their hard work. From chartering planes to creating individual travel itineraries and organising alternative entertainment with our home-grown talent, we do our best to make sure our events are inclusive, but most importantly that each employee feels valued and rewarded by getting VIP treatment!

“The AztecFest party is a huge thank you and celebration. We want our people to feel valued and we work really hard to ensure we put on the best event possible. For me, it’s about creating that memorable moment that cements our culture and ultimately, what makes Aztec different.”

Tom Wilkinson, Senior Manager, Employee Engagement

If Aztec sounds like somewhere you’d enjoy working, we’d love to hear from you! Explore our current vacancies here.

Watch last year’s AztecFest video here.

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