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26 August 2021

Building resilience: The key to the continuity and long-term success of your business

Before the disruption caused by the pandemic, it would be fair to say that many people considered that ‘operational resilience’ was just an extravagant term used to describe business continuity planning (BCP). But while the two disciplines are closely related, their aims are very different. BCP focuses on eliminating single points of failure and on the recovery and restoration of service, whereas operational resilience is dedicated to engineering comprehensive service delivery that is resilient to disruption.

Those different objectives have been brought into sharper focus since COVID, which has seen robust, regulated operational resilience becoming a top business priority. With the UK’s Operational Resilience Policy Statements coming into force in March 2022, and the EU adopting a similar approach, how can firms assess and improve their resilience, and what does best practice look like?

Our latest guide shines a light on the latest regulation and how to ensure your business is prepared.

Read our short guide here.

What we’ll cover in this guide:

  • Key regulatory developments
  • The impact on fund managers
  • What changes should investment firms expect?
  • How to assess your firm’s operational resilience
  • Six steps to improve your firm’s operational resilience

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