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16 March 2017

Financial systems – Learn more about our tailored technology

Learn more about our tailored technology
Charles Swainston, Head of IT Applications

Whenever we are invited to put forward a proposal for a prospective client, you can be sure that without fail there will be a series of questions we need to answer about the technology we use. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that systems fall into the “make or break” category for most fund managers in their search for a service provider.

At the Aztec Group, we use FrontInvest Alternative (“FIA”), an eFront product which is recognised across our industry as market-leading software. The system combines the requirements of investor services, such as capital calls, income distributions and investor contact information, with fund accounting and administration.

Taking the tailored approach

Or course, we’re not alone in using eFront, but where we believe we do differ from many of our competitors is how we use it. This dates back to 2007 when we introduced the system for the first time.

What we very quickly recognised was that the key to unlocking its power and flexibility was in expert tailoring and configuration, and to do that we needed people in place with a blend of both programming and accounting skills. All of this led us to making the strategic decision to develop our own in-house Financial Systems team.

The team, which now comprises over 30 experts based across each of our offices, works closely with our clients to tailor and automate the system to their needs. This can be as simple as configuring a capital call to be in a specific format, to the more complex development of bespoke reports and calculations.

In addition to FIA, we provide a range of other services that enable clients and investors to access their data whether that is through a portal to access investor communications or automated data exchange to be consumed by other systems. Paramount, of course, when enabling such access is IT security, a subject taken very seriously at the Aztec Group. A range of security principles are enforced to safeguard this including data encryption, regular penetration testing and dual factor authentication.

So, what can our clients expect from us when it comes to financial systems?

The very best technology, tailored to their requirements with dedicated specialists by their side every step of the way. That’s the client-centric approach that defines our business, and makes us the bright alternative in fund and corporate services.

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