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19 June 2017

BVCA Real Estate Forum

Stephen Osmont set to moderate a panel session about the most attractive and emerging alternatives.

Stephen Osmont, our resident debt and real assets specialist, is set to join the upcoming BVCA as an expert moderator. Kicking off at 8:30AM, the half-day forum will feature top speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and professions to deliver a comprehensive overview on the most urgent issues impacting the new areas of real estate investment trends and strategies.

Stephen will lead the penultimate session, focusing on ‘which alternatives are most attractive, and which are emerging?’ The discussion will look at the private rent sector, hotels, leisure, student housing, retirement and healthcare. Stephen will be joined by a panel of experts including, Rob Mills, from Clearbell, Adam Shah, Starwood Capital Group, Naomi Heaton, London Central Portfolio, Anastasia Andrianova, Apiro Capital and Nick Edwards, of Moorfield.

The BVCA Real Estate Forum is part of the wider Alternative Fund Strategies Series, which explores some of the ways in which private equity is diversifying as it matures, developing new approaches and investment products as it looks for opportunities in a wider range of markets.

The Real Estate Forum will take place at No. 11 Cavendish Square in London on the 28 June. To read the full agenda and register your interest, visit the BVCA website.

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