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26 May 2020

Capital meets Conscience: Download our 2020 Impact Investing Report

Impact investing has moved into the mainstream and is now a key strategy across the private markets. We’ve lifted the lid to discover the trends and discuss what’s in store.

We’ve partnered with leading European private equity specialists, Unquote, to bring you the latest insights, trends and figures across the impact investing spectrum. Once a relatively niche focus, investments that combine financial returns with positive social impact are truly becoming part of the mainstream.

Read our 2020 Impact Investing report »

On 21 May, we hosted a live webinar featuring a keynote presentation and panel discussion with key impact players across the private markets, including Daniela Barone Soares of Snowball IM; Maggie Loo, Bridges Fund Management; Aaron Pinnock of the Church Commissioners of England; and Dr. Stavros Siokos, Astarte Capital Partners. The panel discussion was moderated by James Duffield, our Head of Business Development.

Today, we’ve launched the 2020 Impact Investing report, co-published with Unquote, providing in-depth analysis of responsible investing across Europe and insightful interviews with GPs and LPs operating in this growing space. The report also features two Q&As with Aztec Group experts, who examine how fund operations are evolving to meet impactful investor demands: Jim Whittingham discusses the trends driving impact investing in the private equity sector, while Ravi Nevile answers questions about responsible investing in real estate and infrastructure.

Commenting on these initiatives, James Duffield said:

“Many clients of ours are increasingly focusing on responsible impact when allocating investments. This will only grow as we look to the future, and we are naturally eager to shine a light on the steps being taken by investors, managers and service providers to nurture this positive trend. We’re delighted to be able to do this by working with long-term partner Unquote while also drawing on the views of some of the leading GPs and LPs making an impact in their respective sectors.”

Watch a full recording of the webinar »

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