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30 April 2014

Introducing the Aztec Sloggers

Our softball triple champions!

The Sloggers are the Aztec Group’s very own softball team, competing each summer in the Jersey Softball Association’s softball league. Having had a successful couple of years winning both the 2012 and 2013 JSA leagues, the Sloggers were eager to make it another ‘Aztec Group hat-trick’ and win the 2014 league. The softball season comprised a total of eight games, and every Wednesday evening our team would don their Sloggers kits and represent the Aztec Group on the diamond.

Many of the 2014 Aztec Sloggers were new to the team, and to softball, which made their performance throughout the league all the more impressive. Despite a shaky start to the season, the team had an invincible mid-season streak, winning five games in a row and extending their lead. By the final game the league was not yet secured and despite drawing, the Aztec Sloggers still topped the leader board to win the title!

We strive to keep our staff happy and at the Aztec Group supporting our sports teams and social initiatives outside of the working week is incredibly important to us. The Aztec Sloggers are provided with a custom-made kit which they sported throughout the 2014 season and each Thursday morning members of staff eagerly awaited the results of the game. This support and team spirit is key to the happiness of our staff and, in turn, their successes both within the Group and their wider network.

We would like to congratulate our 2014 Aztec Sloggers team – Catherine, Charlotte, Conor, Dom, Harry, Katie, Raine, Rebecca, Robert, Ryan, Sasha, Sophia and the team’s coach and scorer, Lorna. There were also cameo appearances from Grace and Michael, who kindly stepped in as reserves.

We would also like to thank the JSA, and in particular Ali Wade, for organising another exciting and competitive league!

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