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19 August 2016

Taste Buds at the ready again!

Aztec Group launches its latest alternative marketing campaign with an assortment of sophisticated and delicious Italian confectionary.

Once again the Aztec Group is tempting the taste buds of prospective clients and business contacts to “Try a New Flavour” in fund and corporate services.

With past campaigns consisting of distinctive chutneys, chocolate, jelly beans, popcorn and now Italian confectionary, the Aztec Group isn’t one for USB’s and mouse mats when it comes to our marketing campaigns.

Being known for our ‘bright alternative’ approach, James Duffield, Head of Business Development, explains why conventional marketing tools just won’t do it for us, “For the past six years, as part of an integrated marketing strategy, we have searched far and wide to source companies who produce unique and alternative flavoured products to underpin our direct marketing campaigns. Why? Because in the fund and corporate services markets we’re in, it’s important we make every effort to demonstrate our bright alternative approach to service delivery right from the start”.

This alternative marketing campaign has been crafted carefully by partnering with a boutique confectionary company, Lavolio. The innovative collections provide a decadent twist on a gourmet candy, mirroring the Group’s alternative tailored approach to providing our renowned client-centric service.

The campaign consists of three bespoke sweet selections, presented in beautifully designed tins. Each tin successively reveals the Aztec Group’s service offering, highlighting why we are the bright alternative in the industry.

If you are suitably enticed, please get in touch with James Duffield, our Head of Business Development, and let him know your thoughts on our latest ‘Try a New Flavour’ Italian confectionary.

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