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08 October 2020

Technology: How is it shaping the operating models of tomorrow?

The last six months have put unprecedented pressure on operational leaders. From overseeing major changes in working conditions and environments, to managing increased information demands from investors, these have been testing times.

To meet these new challenges, technology has taken centre stage. Operational heads have needed to provide the optimal equipment for working securely at home, while also ensuring teams are able to connect and collaborate. On top of this, digital platforms have provided a vital means of delivering critical fund outputs.

But have we reached the future operating model because of recent events or can we expect further change to come? And what opportunities and challenges will a digital transformation bring?

Join our Chief Information Officer, St John Cabot, and a panel of industry experts for an insightful discussion on creating the optimal technological infrastructure as the industry braces for the new normal.

Discussion points:

  • How we got here: The industry’s response to lockdowns and remote working
  • What have we achieved: Rapid digital transformation both internally and externally
  • What we’ve learnt: Historical successes and failures, silver linings to emerge, how people have adapted, the importance of flexibility, data and access to it
  • What now and in future: The role of AI and automation, team interaction in the digital age and impact on culture/team/relationship dynamics, operational risks attached to technological changes and how do we manage and overcome them

Don’t miss out on what promises to be a thought provoking and pivotal industry event; Register for the webinar now by clicking here. 

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