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05 July 2018

We are delighted to be sponsoring this year's Unquote DACH Fundraising Report 2018.

Hana Prochaska introduces this year's report!

We’re pleased to be partnering with leading industry private equity publication, Unquote, to sponsor their 2018 DACH Fundraising Report. This year’s report explores the fundraising climate in the DACH region. Using key industry insight, the report reviews the fundraising numbers and examines the drivers of current trends and developments affecting the market.

Researching the markets for over 20 years, Unquote provide comprehensive data on European private equity, tracking 70,000 transactions, alongside funds, sponsors, advisors and limited partners.

Commenting on our partnership with Unquote, Hana Prochaska, Senior Business Development Manager, said:

“It is great to support initiatives that provide the key findings on what people want to know. With many DACH private equity managers among our client base, it’s great to be able to shed some light on the key developments within the industry. Each year, these reports are generating important discussion, and I’m delighted that we are associated with this.”

In the report, Hana speaks with Unquote about why managers decide to outsource, key considerations in the process, and how to effectively manage the transition to an outsourcing model.

To download the full report, please click here.

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