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Ganash Lokanathen, Director

A Director in our Luxembourg office, Ganash joined the Aztec Group in 2013 to lead our accountancy function responsible for the financial reporting requirements of private equity and real estate funds, securitisation companies and other special purpose entities domiciled in Luxembourg.

Starting his career in audit and advisory, Ganash qualified with Ernst & Young in Dublin, Ireland where he specialised in providing audit services to insurance companies before exploring the accounting needs of banks, investment funds, securitisation vehicles and structures involved in issuing debts to the capital markets. Ganash’s passion for accounting drove his career change away from audit to fund and corporate service, working for one of the largest fund services providers in Luxembourg.

When Rylee Muddle- a Senior Reporting Manager at the time- relocated from Luxembourg to Jersey in 2013, Andreas Demmel contacted long term friend and ex-colleague Ganash with an offer to oversee the fund and special purpose vehicles accounting function at the Aztec Group’s Luxembourg office. Initially responsible for financial reporting requirements, Ganash concentrated on “building the team” and saw our Luxembourg office grow from six to a team of 19 strong accountants during 2014. Sharing his expertise of private equity and real estate structures, as well as the regulations surrounding structures domiciled in Luxembourg, Ganash has become an invaluable resource to the Group – from advising our clients to imparting wisdom on our budding trainee accountants.

Passionate about growing and learning as a team, Ganash’s style of management stems from what he attributes as the Aztec Group’s most successful feature, “The key to Aztec’s success is people. From our honesty to our emphasis on interaction, we are able to build a good rapport and work closely with our clients, continuously addressing their needs and requirements.”

With extensive experience and knowledge of the regulatory environment in Luxembourg, Ganash took on the role of heading up our depositary services team to ensure our clients are meeting regulatory requirements and to support the success of their funds. Ganash comments, “The advent of non-banking depositary services is a threshold moment for the Luxembourg industry. Managers are no longer forced to buy a suite of tied services, they can pick and choose exactly what they want and need. And that is exactly what we offer to our clients – a flexible and responsive service combining knowledge of the buy-out process, sound judgement and an appreciation of our duties under the AIFMD.”

Ganash holds a degree in Finance and Accounting from Liverpool John Moores University, England and also holds a Master of Science degree in Investment and Treasury from Dublin City University. He is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ICAI).

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